Transformational business benefits can be gained by outsourcing non core business support services.  Progressing a BPO strategy, not only changes the way the organisation operates, it also brings a definite cultural change and opportunity to innovate.


However, there are also potentially significant risks to poorly implementing a BPO a strategy. Consequently, unless the organisation has the necessary in house experience it is recommended that objective external expertise is engaged in an interim Programme Director role from the outset to define and lead the Programme.


In the Programme Director role our approach is to ensure a client has established a clear definition of Purpose, understands the scale and scope of processing to be outsourced as well as how skills will be transferred and People will be impacted and engaged in the process.


Absolute clarity in advance of supplier selection will ensure the choice of the right outsourcing partner, which is crucial. The level of commitment required by the leadership team to help clearly define the requirements and select the right outsourcing partner cannot be understated. 


We pay very close attention to development of a holistic plan that drives innovation and will provide a smooth path from requirements definition through transition, on boarding and transformation processes.