As Interim Management Consultants we aim to deliver objective, inclusive and passionate leadership.


We practice positive engagement with client employees at all levels in order to adapt to the business and operational environment. We work with people to ensure we fully understand the culture of the organisation as well as curent working practices.


Our passionate "can do" leadership skills in combination with collaborative engagement at all levels across the organisation are considered essential to effective delivery in an Interim role.

Strategy Development


This type of engagement often commences in the Board Room or with an Executive Leadership Team where our consultant will operate as an independent  facilitator of prospective strategic change.


In this situation our most powerful tool is using our objective ignorance, to pose the most effective of questions WHY?


We work closely with leadership teams and regularly  challenge our clients to clearly establish the purpose of strategic change to ensure development of a rigorous yet adaptable business strategy.




Successful business development drives growth of the organisation, either Organically or as the result of a Merger or Acquisition. 


In these often sensitive business situations, we are able to act as independent broker  on behalf of the executive sponsor to achieve effective business Integration.


In all cases we believe it is important to develop a plan which clearly defines the goals and expected outcomes folowing the integration of the business, but also minimises operational disruption and impact upon EBITDA.


Our approach is to nurture the required change by taking initiative and control where necessary. 

Business Process Outsourcing


Transformational business benefits can be gained by outsourcing non core business support services.  Progressing a BPO strategy, not only changes the way the organisation operates, it also brings a definite cultural change and opportunity to innovate.


However, there are also potentially significant risks to poorly implementing a BPO a strategy. Consequently, unless the organisation has the necessary in house experience it is recommended that objective external expertise is engaged in an interim Programme Director role from the outset to define and lead the Programme.


In the Programme Director role our approach is to ensure a client has established a clear definition of Purpose, understands the scale and scope of processing to be outsourced as well as how skills will be transferred and People will be impacted and engaged in the process.


Absolute clarity in advance of supplier selection will ensure the choice of the right outsourcing partner, which is crucial. The level of commitment required by the leadership team to help clearly define the requirements and select the right outsourcing partner cannot be understated. 


We pay very close attention to development of a holistic plan that drives innovation and will provide a smooth path from requirements definition through transition, on boarding and transformation processes.

Programmes & Projects


We like to work with Programme/Project Sponsors as early as possible to facilitate requirements definition e.g. purpose of the investment, required outcomes and risks associated with the proposed initiative. Once the requirements are clealy defined we will support the preparation and presentation of a full business case to the relevant Leadership Team.  


We undertake rigorous scoping and planning of all client commissions. Our Consultants are well practiced in Stakeholder Management, formal Project Governance (drawing upon appropriate aspects of Prince II /ITIL methodologies). All phases/stages are subject to rigorous change and release controls, tracking investments from transition through transformation and benefits realisation.



Performance & Change Management


In today's highly competitive markets, organisation performance, EBITDA  and hence shareholder value is under continual scrutiny.


Leadership Teams are under increasing pressure to deliver good performance and sustain a leading "competitive edge". Consequently, examining the requirements for change is a constant consideration at all levels.


However, in the heat of managing day to day business operations Change Management can often be reactive rather than proactive. We offer a range of Business and Process Analysis Services to help Leadership Teams step back from the detail and consider the purpose of and how to implement sustainable business change. 


Change predominantly impacts business processes and people. Process change will impact the way people interact which may require culture change.  We focus upon maintaining good working relationships with people impacted by change to gain and share understanding thereby enabling effective future processes to evolve. 


We belive that Clear and regular communication of change, is the cornerstone of successful transition to new ways of working.